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At least once a day we get a phone call from a shutter owner seeking help to repair an issue with the shutter they purchased from a company no longer in business. We are glad to offer help and quote a price to have one of our staff make a repair call to their home, which is inevitably followed by the question, WHAT ABOUT MY LIFETIME WARRNTY?

I would like to discuss the topic of warranties in the custom shutter business.

There are misconceptions promoted by many companies pertaining to the validity of their stated warranty. The most common of these is "Lifetime Warranty" without stating the specifics of what is covered and what is not. It is not a good warranty when you are required to pay for shipping the product back to the factory or pay for the service tech to come to the house. (The service call is $50.00 to $100.00 and the most common replacement part costs than 2 cents and takes 5 minutes to fix). Some warranties, if stated at all, will deem most repairs to be standard wear and tear and thus not covered.

This is only just the beginning of what we hear about.

What is the shutter consumer to do?

It is a reality that a warranty is worthless if the company issuing the warranty is no longer in business. No one can guarantee the future of any company. Therefore, the best course is to purchase a product that will not require a warranty at all. A product that has been manufactured with processes and features to eliminate the occurrence of the most common problems associated with shutters.

To find that company ask questions:

  • What will it cost for an in home repair?
  • What is typical wear and tear?
  • What is meant by "Lifetime"?
  • What is covered, what is not?

Never fall into the trap of settling for a poorly constructed shutter because you are offered a lifetime warranty that promises to repair everything, There by excusing the purchase of the cheap product because it is accompanied with a hollow promise to fix it---forever!