We Specialize in Various Shutter Styles and Tailor to Your Specific Needs

Our Services

  • Irritated with your current window coverings?
  • Frustrated with drapery cleaning?
  • Tired of sun damaged flooring and faded upholstery?
  • Upset with high heating and cooling bills? 
  • Confused by all the “sales” talk associated with shutters today?

Help is just a phone call away...

French Bros. Custom Shutters will come to your home or place of business with large product samples representing all of the louver sizes and many finishes available. By placing these samples in your window you can see exactly what the finished installation will look like.  This helps eliminate the uncertainty associated with selecting a shutter.  We have been manufacturing quality custom wood shutters for San Diegans since 1977 (no job is too small or too large).


  • We design and measure, manufacture and install
  • We offer all custom paint colors, even sandblasting , standard
  • We offer many perimeter frame choices from simple to ornate; we can even use your casing profile and incorporate it into a custom shutter frame
  • We refinish
  • We match any custom stain color for 10% additional
  • Our installers work only for us

Let us help you solve design issues such as:

  • What finish will work best with my rooms personality? (Formal, Comfortable. Etc.)
  • What louver size will enhance the soul of my room? (Open- light filled, or intimate)

Call us today to set an appointment: (619) 698-3111 or fax us your window sizes to: (619) 667-2638

Please include precise detailed descriptions of where dimensions were taken and what type of window you are covering.  Example: square or bull nosed corner bead, casing 4 sides or 3 sides with stool and apron.

Please feel free to come to the factory.  We welcome visitors and are thrilled to show you how we make our product.  Call first so we can have the red carpet out.